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About us

"Technology creates efficiencies essential to a successful business, but artificial intelligence will never replace the personal and analytical skills of a human being. We appreciate and rely on the power of technology, but at Media Gofer it's the people that make the real difference."

Jeffrey Ryan

Beyond Media Gofer's core skills of media monitoring and analytics, we are constantly endeavoring to stay on the bleeding edge of technology and marketing trends to provide our clients the solutions today's interconnected society presents.

Media Gofer offers a scalable social media savvy team working in concert with your PR department to actively engage consumers and businesses in the social media sphere. We promote, advocate, respond and protect the client's brand in the social media sphere.

With over 40 years of observing and responding to changes and trends in this media industry, our staff members are highly trained specialists who search, and archive the media relevant to you. We engage your customers, your competition's customers and produce social media tailored to increase your brand awareness and loyalty.

Even though we are on the forefront of media technology, we believe more than ever the importance of personal contact. When you call us with questions you won't have to figure out a complicated voicemail system you'll talk to a person. We are always just a tweet, email, facebook comment or phone call away.