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  1. What is the scope of your monitoring service?
We provide four products unique to the industry – TV Clips, WebClips, VirtualClips and NetworkingClips.
We monitor all of the press throughout the world available on the web and translate non-English articles into English.
We provide press coverage of all newspapers in the United States that are still read by our affiliates that use professional reading staff as opposed to relying on computers using OCR (optical character recognition).
A comprehensive review of all social networking, forums, blogs and Web-exclusive “emerging media” that share information and related opinions.
  1. How do I access my press coverage?
You may login to your secure portal via the Media Intel website or view the articles directly from daily e-mails.
  1. Do you archive my press coverage?
Yes. We provide a 12-month archive on your portal of your VirtualClips and cached text of your WebClips and NetworkingClips.
  1. What makes Media Intel Different from other similar services?
Our people make the difference
Other online press “monitoring” companies use automated search tools alone. Where the other services stop Media Intel is just beginning to search the news you need. You will never receive useless links – our editing staff verifies that the hits we capture are in line with the search criteria you have given us.
  1. What is your return policy?
If you ever receive a WebClip, VirtualClip or NetworkingClip that is not according to your search parameters simply let us know within 10 days of the posting to your account and it will be deleted from your portal. You won’t be charged.
  1. How do you calculate advertising equivalency?
We measure news articles down to 1/16th of a page. We use the published advertising rates of various publications including color charges to assign the advertising value.
  1. How do you calculate gross impressions?
We take the total number of subscribers and multiply that number times the average pass along rate of 3.5.
  1. Can I batch my multiple VirtualClips into one file?
Yes you can. Please refer to the Service tour animation to learn how easy it is.
  1. How do I create new folders for my News Clips?
Decide how you want to organize and sort your clips, then follow the easy step-by-step instructions in the Service tour animation.
  1. Do you require contracts?
No we are a month to month service. You are only committed one month at a time. Cancellations must be made by email or USPS and will become effective at the end of the billing month.
  1. Do accept credit cards?
Yes we do accept credit cards. We also accept electronic funds transfers and checks written on U.S. Banks.