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Daily e-mails notifying you about media references to your company, your competitors or your industry culled from Broadcast, Internet and print monitoring, both domestic and International, will keep you in touch with the information your customers and competitors are receiving.

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Having access to the media messages your customers and competitors consume every day is a necessity for staying competitive in an increasingly complicated and rapidly changing global economy.
  • Crafting successful advertising messages
  • Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Inform advertising purchases
  • Supplementing information necessary to critical product development decisions
  • Supporting public relations efforts around specific topic areas
  • Assist in crisis managemente
  • Monitor Media releases
Staying informed requires constant media monitoring of traditional, electronic and emerging media outlets. Utilizing cutting-edge search technology and experienced readers, we deliver all of your clips via a user-friendly portal that gives key personnel on-demand access.
If the head of an off-site office is recognized for her support of a local charity event, your human resources department will know about it so they can include a feature in the next internal newsletter.
The media clips you need when you need them and at a cost you can afford.