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Social Media Management

Our staff will greatly increase your brand's awareness in industry related forums, blogs, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. We will create or enhance the effectiveness of your Facebook page, Twitter pages, etc.

We produce blogs edited by award winning journalists and video content relevant to your brand all designed to increase your SEO / SEM. Our redirecting tool, "elinks", provides you with valuable intelligence about who is visiting your site, how long do they stay, click-throughs, entrance and exit pages, where they live and more.

Active Engagement

Consumers today no longer want to be spoken to... They want a conversation. Consumers don't want to be marketed to... They want to be listened to.

Social media is the new express elevator to success. Conversely, an overlooked negative comment in the social media sphere can send your reputation into the basement with a PR nightmare (i.e. BP's gulf oil spill and Apple's I Phone 4 release.) Timely response is the best tool to minimize the impact of negative comments about your brand and active engagement is a cost-effective, rapid-response tool if leveraged correctly.

This is what we do at Media Gofer. We listen and develop relationships with consumers on your brand's behalf. We watch the conversation and respond accordingly. Our redirecting tool "elinks" provides you with intelligence on every comment we make in the social media sphere on your behalf as well as the viewers of the content.

Media Monitoring

We monitor and analyze all online press, network and cable broadcast and social networks to your specifications. Despite declining market share in the media industry, print edition newspapers still garner a great deal of loyalty and credibility.

Even with all those valuable News Clips at your fingertips, they have little or no value if you don't know what it means or how it can be used to benefit your company.

Media mentions in electronic publications that are original content or reprints of print editions. As Web-only publications become more popular due to their accessibility and cost-free status, newsletters, e-zines (electronic magazines) and other sources of valuable information can't be found anywhere else.

Articles, reviews, question and answer exchange or any other mentions made in the "social networking" arena. Information and opinion-sharing networks formed on the Internet create word-of-mouth "buzz" that can be found on blogs or micro-blogs (Twitter, Identica, amplify), forums (Angie's List or Craig's List) or social networking sites (Facebook, Linked In, etc.).

We can organize and summarize all of the media mentions your company receives to help you view and leverage that wealth of media intelligence.

Our monitoring and analysis service provides measurable ROI on your earned press and your social media marketing strategy.